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    Supercritical foaming equipment extrusion foam molding technology program

    Supercritical foaming equipment extrusion foam molding technology program

    Date of release:2018-09-21 Author: Click:

    (1) extrusion foaming forming technical scheme

    Kaiyuan chemical machine manufacturing can provide supercritical fluid blowing agent delivery system and precision metering injection system.

    The main application fields of supercritical foaming equipment

    Food packaging materials

    2. Auto parts

    3. Stationery materials

    4. Building materials

    (ii) technical scheme of supercritical injection foam molding

    1. Main technical advantages of supercritical foaming equipment

    1. Reduce the need of clamping force and save the manufacturing cost

    2. Low cost and environmental protection of foaming agent, applicable to all application fields

    3. Greatly improve product size accuracy and shorten product development cycle

    4. Effectively shorten the molding cycle of thin-walled products and improve production efficiency

    5. Reduce product quality and save raw materials

    6. Greatly reduce residual stress, reduce deformation and improve dimensional stability

    7. Eliminate surface indentation

    The main application fields of supercritical foaming equipment

    1. Precision office equipment parts

    2. Electronics/electrical/semiconductor parts

    3. Auto parts

    4. Packing

    Main products of kaiyuan chemical machine manufacturing include:

    Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of complete sets of equipment, including extraction kettle, separation tank, heat exchanger and carbon dioxide storage tanks, etc., mainly used for extraction of various kinds of vegetable oil, flavor spices, plant pigments and a variety of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, etc., and is widely used in aerogel preparation (dry) of insulation materials, textile printing and dyeing industry in order to solve environmental pollution problems. Kaiyuan chemical machine manufacturing is a large professional manufacturer of co2 supercritical extraction equipment in China. Currently, its products are sold all over the country with a market share of about 80%. The hydraulic quick opening device designed and manufactured by kaiyuan chemical machine has obtained the national utility model patent. Articles come from the Internet

    Supercritical foaming equipment

    Supercritical foaming equipment

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